What exactly IS a                     “Sponsored Wrapping Event”?!

Consider that each box that goes out of our facility has 12 individual gifts in it.  If we get requests from 1,000 deployed troops, we have to wrap 12,000 boxes!  And that is why we don’t have a wrapping party, or gathering but and a Wrapping EVENT!

We don’t prepare them all at once.  Organizations get together and lend their energy and support, a couple hours of their time, and underwrite the cost of some of the boxes, or a particular item in a box.

WHO:  Anyone can help!  We don’t actually WRAP a gift with paper so no special wrapping skills are needed.  Honest!   Volunteers from fire departments, schools, corporations and even the White House have jumped in and helped!

WHAT:  We’ll tell you a little bit about Full Circle Home, why we do what we do, and share some stories from the troops and their heroes at home.   We wrap special pampering items that will make the Heroes at Home feel remembered and honored. Every gift set is the same.

WHERE:  We bring the event to you!  We are located in upstate New York, but we have held Sponsored Wrapping Events in NYC, Washington DC, Maryland, Boston, Ohio, Rhode Island and Colorado.  We bring the products to wrap and everything needed to prepare the gifts.  The only thing we require are long tables and some AV for a presentation.  

WHEN:  Set up your event at a time that’s convenient for you  - daytime events, evening or weekend.  If you would like to increase the involvement, have your attendees bring something off of our wishlist.  They also have the opportunity to write a short note of encouragement to the women receiving the boxes.

HOW:  The big question!  HOW do you wrap 12,000 gifts!  Assembly style!  We’ll set a group up on both sides of a long table.  First we open all the boxes and line them up like little soldiers.  More volunteers will drop in some shred, followed by more helpers putting in the products.  We then close them up, tie our signature “faux bow” that is really just a big knot, and tie on the gift tag. Then we all stand tall, have a big smile on our faces and feel great!

A simple gesture with a profound and significant impact.

Please contact us regarding available times.  

The fall is a busy time and books up quickly.

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