Wish List Items

Every gift set contains the same items.  We appreciate donations of items that fit the configuration of our boxes and in quantities that fit the demand.


Spa Socks

Spa socks come in a bounty of patterns and we love them all!  Choose the socks that make you happy and you will pass on the fun.  We find them at most major stores in the fall.


Purse Size Tissues

Any brand of tissue is great!  There are a growing number of styles, however, and the above style is what works best for our gift sets.


65LB. Card Stock

It doesn’t sound like a very exciting item to donate. However, consider that this is what every love note is written on. It then becomes a pretty critical donation item! We use about 2,500 sheet a year.

It's not very glamorous but it is VERY necessary!  Single rolls, multipacks - we need them all!