Vickie and I always tell people, "Being a military mom was hard enough, but we can't IMAGINE being a military spouse!"  It's true. We've been doing that whole sleepless night routine since our sons were born!  But a wife?....how do they do it?? Most work or go to school, take care of their homes, sometimes their parents, and at the end of an exhausting day, tuck their children in to bed and somehow find the strength to assure them that Daddy will be home soon. Whew! I wouldn't last a week.


"My wife is one of the strongest women in the world. This is our 9th deployment together and she is the rock that keeps us together!"

"I am currently deployed to Afghanistan while my wife has the harder job of staying home and raising three kids alone."


"My Dad died last year and then Mom had a stroke so now I care for her. With two kids, pets, Mom and a husband who has been deployed for much of the last 5 years, I am dreaming of a day off!"

"I am an Iraqi War Veteran myself, but being on the other side as a military spouse has been twice as hard- especially around our baby's birthday and Christmas."

"My husband was brought home in the middle of his deployment because I went into labor at 35 weeks. Our daughter was stillborn and he is going back to his ship next week."

The hundreds of notes we receive each year are both heart warming and heart wrenching. Each one inspires us to try harder, to do more! These women ARE the rocks,  the "she-roes", and we feel a personal connection to each one. To us, they are "The Warrior Queens" with all thanks to Marcus Luttrell for the very fitting moniker.